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Adolescent Mental Health and Well-being: An Educational Leadership Issue


As a contemporary educational leadership issue, I believe adolescent mental health and well-being is a growing area of concern and the research within the field supports this. Anecdotally, you hear within schools that stress and anxiety are growing concerns and that the number of young individuals being diagnosed with anxiety is on the rise. You only need to look at special provisions lists within schools around exam time to see that more and more students are being given assistance for anxiety-related issues. Furthermore, in addition to ‘water-cooler’ information, the experts are also suggesting that stress and anxiety is a growing concern amongst teens. Michael Carr-Greg states that “today’s children are under increasing pressure” and that “the mental health system is underfunded” (Bita, 2014). Youth aged between 15 – 19 years of age state that stress, school and study continue to be the top issues of personal concern (Mission Australia, 2016) and that 440,000 (15.4%) young people (16 – 24 years of age) have experienced an anxiety disorder in the last 12 months (Beyond Blue, 2008).

These numbers are very top line but what it does tell us is that stress and anxiety amongst school aged students is a serious matter that will continue to grow and occupy more time of leaders within schools. As such, school leaders will need to continue the work that is already being done, whilst at the same time, look for other ways to combat this growing concern.

Just some of my thoughts and I look forward to others opinion on this matter…

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